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Measuring Offline Campaigns

Combining online and offline campaigns in a digital world can be tricky because of the data.  Traditionally, data from offline campaigns is much more difficult to normalize and blend with online campaigns.  The cause for this is simply ease of tracking.  While running a digital campaign, parameters, cookies, pixels, and much more can easily be set without customer having to do anything different.  In an offline campaign, a potential customer has to do much more than simply click, which results in having less tracking available.

While optimizing an offline campaign, typically a URL given will be as short as possible and easy to remember.  Occasionally, a coupon code will be given as an extra attempt to provide an marketing incentive to convert (and aid with digital tracking).  oobyMetrics has created optimized our attribution determination to check for “Smart Tags”.  Within the admin panel, URLs and coupon codes can be tagged with source, campaign, and medium parameters to normalize offline and online attribution.  As we process your inbound data through our attribution flow, offline campaigns can gain attribution exactly like digital campaigns.

An example of using oobyMetrics’ Smart Tags is a campaign on a radio station where a coupon code is given to receive 10% off.  A potential customer may hear the ad, Google your company name, and come into your site through an AdWords campaign.  Upon successful conversion, in typical attribution, Google AdWords would receive most, if not all, of the conversion value.  For oobyMetrics, we see the coupon code as the true touch-point and are able to give credit to your offline campaign.