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Why Does Load Time Matter?

In the digital marketplace, conversions reign supreme.  Anything that hinders or negatively affects conversions is typically something to avoid, with the exception of security of course.  While Google has said overall load time is not a major factor in determining page rank, there are scores of tests run and published from some of the biggest dealers in traffic, such as Google, Akamai, and Amazon that show very clearly that even a small increase in page load time can have a large impact on conversion.

The engineers at oobyMetrics take page load time very seriously.  We pride ourselves on ensuring that our payload is as small as possible and loads within just a few milliseconds.  Our code loads via a single, non-blocking network call to ensure that our script never interferes with your user experience thus never blocking your conversion funnel.

If you want to learn more about page load times, check out PageSpeed Insights from Google or Web Page Test to gain powerful information about your current load times.

Always remember that speed matters.  Cut down those load times to energize customer confidence and boost trust in your site.  Those few milliseconds can — and will — make all the difference for your conversion ratios.